Medical Product Rental

We offer rental of many Equipment weekly and monthly. Minimum rental offered is 1 Week. You will need to sign a Rental Agreement that explains all the terms and conditions of rental. If we have to deliver and set up the Equipment in your home, there will be separate charges for such services. We offer rental only locally where we can personally deliver and pick up the equipment. Rental items can not be shipped.

More often than not, it's better to rent medical equipment instead of purchasing them. For one, renting is considered as the most financially viable option, that it can also lower one's medical expenses. Likewise, it's fast, convenient, and a lot of insurance plans have a coverage for this.

There's a number of benefits that one can enjoy from renting equipment, and at Jones Surgical Medical Supply, there's a lot of rental equipment to choose from. Their local office will assist you through the process, helping you decide whether it's better to rent or purchase the medical equipment instead.

The Advantages of Renting Home Medical Products:
An Ideal Option
Those who have a temporary situation that calls for the use of durable medical equipment, such as wheelchair, walkers, stairlifts, and scooters should consider renting these equipment instead of buying them. Broken bones and other types of injuries can be exhausting, but it's also temporary. Perhaps, there's no need to make an outright purchase of the equipment needed for the healing process.

A Great Way to Save Money
Preparing one's home for the healing and recovery process can cost a lot. That said, if walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, and other medical equipment aren't going to become permanent fixtures in one's home, it will be better to just rent them instead.

Before finally deciding, it's always advisable to consult healthcare providers, physicians, and the sales staff in regard with the accessibility of the product distributors in order to determine of the situation is temporary or permanent. If it's temporary, renting can be the most viable option.

Furthermore, only a minimal down payment is required and the monthly rental payments are often low-- they definitely more affordable than buying these medical equipment. Keep in mind though, it's temporary, and by renting, one would only pay during the time when he's using the equipment.

If unsure about the particular make or model, renting offers the flexibility of trying out several models without the need to make a long-term commitment. Likewise, the best way to determine what model or make will work best for you is by being able to try the equipment for a period of time.

No Need to Worry About Repairs
When purchasing medical equipment, there's always the risk of shouldering the cost of repairs, which is something one shouldn't worry about from a rental service.

Ability to Upgrade
Renting a medical equipment means that there's no need to make long-term commitment that often comes with a purchase. Those who are interested in newer models could easily make the switch without wasting money at all.

Types of Rental Services Available at Mid-South Medical Supply:

  • Medela Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

  • Manual wheelchairs

  • Transport wheelchairs

  • Scooters & Power Wheel Chairs

  • Knee Walkers (Roll-A-Bout)

  • CPM Machines

  • Cold Therapy  

  • Lymphedema Pumps

  • HIP Chairs

  • Lift Chairs

  • Hospital Beds  

  • Hoyer Lifts

  • Vitrectomy Equipment – Facedown Recovery

  • Low Air-Loss Mattress

Lastly, it's important to evaluate all the options first during the healing and recovery process. Medical equipment are expensive, that's why it's important to become familiar with the options first.

Jones Surgical Supply offers the best medical equipment that the patients can rent. Rental can either be by the week or month, depending on the needs of the patient.