Are you ready for the road ahead? Are you, or is someone you love, beginning to need help with simple daily activities or feel a loss of independence? Simple, attractive and easy-to-use solutions are available to help make you or your loved ones safer and more comfortable at home.

Whether you are caring for someone who needs assistance or looking for solutions for your own independence, Jones Surgical’s solutions were designed to help make life easier and safer. Our solutions provide assistance with everyday tasks in the home or when you or your loved one are out and about.

Bathroom Safety Solutions

Common Situations

As we age, falls can be quite serious. In fact, at least 1/3 of all seniors experience a fall every year. Falls can lead to hospitalization, nursing home placement, even death. Our bathroom safety solutions will provide improvements to make you and your loved one’s bathrooms safe and secure.

Bathroom Safety Solutions

  • Install a grab bar in the shower/bath.
  • Use shower chairs and/or bath stools in the shower/bath. Accompany with shower spray for bathing in seated position, ensuring proper hygiene.
  • Use a rubber bathmat in the bathtub and shower.
  • Use raised toilet seats and install handrails within reach.

Additionally, remove water from the floor, secure bathroom rugs to the floor and use a night light.

Bathroom Safety Solutions

Mobility Safety Solutions

Common Situations

Did you know that a natural part of aging is a loss of muscle mass, resulting in loss of strength, stability and independence? That is why it is so important to stay active.

Several studies suggest that walking, even as little as 45 minutes a week, helps ward off serious illnesses for the elderly (including Alzheimer’s disease). Regular strolls and activity keep the mind sharp and help maintain the positive mental attitude that come from independence and stimulation. Consider our mobility solutions to facilitate an active lifestyle for those who need assistance remaining active, safe and independent.

Mobility Safety Solutions

Mobility safety solutions provide stability and safety to help achieve independence. These solutions aid in daily activities among healthy people as well as people recovering from a medical procedure or living with a chronic condition.

  • If using a walker or rollator, try a cup holder, carry pouch or basket to keep your things with you as you move from place to place.
  • Even canes can be equipped with carry pouches and come with different tips for different levels of stability.
  • Try folding, lightweight transport wheelchairs to make it easier for caregivers to assist loved ones who cannot propel themselves. Include accessories such as a carrying pouch or cup holder to keep hands free, making movement easy. Add a cushion for comfort and to protect the skin.
  • If fatigue is a concern, cover more ground by selecting a power scooter. To decide which power scooter is the right product for you or your loved one, consider lifestyle; will the scooter be used exclusively in and around the house or will the scooter be used outside the house and transported from place to place?

Walkers Solutions

Wheelchair Solutions

Canes and Crutches Solutions

Rollators Solutions

Power Mobility Solutions

Home Safety and Independence Solutions

Common Situation

As we age, we begin to lose strength, stability and height. Many conditions can make you or your loved ones less safe, limiting independence in the home. Simple home safety and independence solutions can make navigating the home easier and safer, promoting an independent lifestyle.

Bedroom Safety Solutions

  • Use a bed assist handle to get in and out of bed.
  • A footstool with a non-skid rubber platform used in conjunction with a bed assist handle will make it easier to get in and out of bed.

Kitchen Safety Solutions

  • Use a reacher to grab things out of reach. A step stool can be added for additional height.
  • For more secure comfort at the kitchen counter, sit on a higher stool with adjustable arms to eliminate bending.

Everyday Independence Solutions

  • Reachers can be used to help get items off of shelves out of reach.
  • An over-bed table tray can be used in bed or at any chair as a convenient surface to place books, food and everyday items.

Pressure Protection Solutions

Common Situations

Did you know that individuals who are wheelchair bound or restricted to chairs for long periods of time are susceptible to pressure sores? Pressure sores can lead to many health risks and should be avoided. Our Pressure protection solutions can reduce the pressure on vulnerable parts of the body and prevent the development of pressure sores. As an added bonus, they also offer additional comfort.

Pressure Protection Solutions

The use of a seat and back cushions will protect against pressure sores and add additional comfort to someone who is wheelchair bound or confined to a seat at home.